Thursday, 11 April 2013

Union Chain Bridge - Paint or Perish?

The Union Chain Bridge has come under the spotlight since its future was discussed by the Scottish Borders Council, when a figure of £4.7 million was quoted for its refurbishment. The council's alternative suggestion? Close it! The ensuing press coverage did a lot of good. It got our message across to the council that closure was not acceptable. But, without any regular maintenance, the future of the bridge still hangs in the balance. What is pleasing, is that the SBC bothered to discuss it at all. Their English cousins (Northumberland County Council) seem awfully quiet on the matter. They have enough to do fixing the landslip on the road that leads down to the bridge. But they needn't be 'saddled' with the bridge, if that's how they feel. There are people out there willing to get involved looking after the bridge. If only NCC would consider this option.

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  1. Hi, we visited the bridge yesterday (we were going to get honey from the farm). I fell in love with it - up there with Ironbridge as my favourite Bridge! What a special gem. We walked along the river to Paxton and truly had a wonderful day, will definitely bring friends when they visit us (in Earlston).