Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bridge Clean-Up a success!!

The Chain Bridge looks a whole lot tidier after a clean-up operation on July 4th. Thank you thank you to those who took part. Grit and debris we carted away, most of which had been washed down the hill in recent months. A little article even went in the paper, highlighting what had been done and how the bridge is still in need of care.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Update on landslip near the Union Chain Bridge

A glimmer of hope shone from the cover of the Berwick Advertiser this week (Thurs 19th March 2009) as it was announced funding has been sought to fix the road just above the Chain Bridge on the English side. The news that Northumberland County Council has approached the Department of Transport for the money to fix the slip is such a relief. The hole that was created and all the debris around it is such a depressing sight, especially when more visitors are out and about and there will be cyclists on the go again soon too. There are workmen surveying the area most days - last week it was a company called 'The Hole Story'... Plus the council kindly changed the signs at the top of the road to say we still exist! Thank you!

It will be great once the hole is fixed as attention can turn back to the bridge, which at the moment is covered in weeds and has worsening rust. Visit it today if you can!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Visit the Union Chain Bridge in 2009!

Happy New Year! The Union Chain Bridge is poised for many visitors in 2009. Don't forget to pick up a leaflet when you visit the honey farm up the road. At the moment though it's probably best to park at the honey farm and walk to the bridge as (a little depressingly) the road is closed just above the bridge on the English side due to a landslip. Thank you council for making a wee path past the cordoned off area! Just don't look down!